CMRC Children's Memorial Research Center
Fish Facility

Our newly expanded Fish Facility is outfitted with the Aquaneering system, for the rearing and maintenance of zebrafish. Two rooms of the Fish Facility accommodate over 1500 tanks for fry and adult fish, and provide optimal conditions for maintenance of up to 20,000 adult fish. All tanks are constantly supplied with water through inlet valves at a rate at  which the water in the tanks is exchanged about three times per hour. The filtration system assures optimal water quality: tap water is purified by the Reverse Osmosis System, UV sterilization tower, particle prefilter, fine particle filter, and biofilter. 10% of fresh water is added to the system daily. Water quality (pH and conductivity) is monitored automatically. Water flow is also automatically controlled, and water level sensors with an alarm system are installed. The filter system requires minimal maintenance, and sustains high water quality.
   A very important part of the Fish Facility is a 120 sq. ft. Zebrafish Manipulation and Observation Room. This room is equipped with the Zeiss motorized compound and dissecting microscopes, for observation in regular and fluorescent light. These microscopes are outfitted with high-end digital cameras allowing them to take still pictures and record time-laps movies. The Manipulation and Observation Room is additionally equipped with specialized instruments for RNA, DNA, and oligonucleotides microinjection, cell transplantation and embryo incubators.