Wainwright Laboratory 

Our research is focused acute brain injury in children, principally perinatal asphyxia, early-life seizures and traumatic brain injury. The mechanism we study is the glial activation response, its role in the long-term neurologic sequelae of these insults and its potential as a therapeutic target for preventing neurologic injury. Our experimental approach uses a combination of surival animal surgery (mouse models of traumatic brain injury, post-traumatic epilepsy, and hypoxia-ischemia), physiologic monitoring, behavioral, molecular and immunohistochemical endpoints. The overall theme of our work is to improve the therapy available for the treatment of acute brain injury in children. A major focus our of recent work is on this use of novel small-molecule anti-neuroinflammatory compounds as a potential therapeutic modality using a 'functional drug-discovery' approach. Our bench laboratory interests link directly to the clinical practice and research of our group which includes 2 pediatric neurologists and a pediatric intensivist.

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